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                                          Welcome to the latest news from ONB

14th January 2019 ONB County Championship:

All available results can now be found HERE:

9th January 2019

ONB County Pathway Programme

In 2019, ONB are delivering the England Talent County Pathway Programme. The County Pathway Programme aims to provide a clear development pathway throughout the sport for swimmers, coaches, team managers and support staff.

For further information, please visit the County Pathway Programme section under the swimming tab on the website HERE

January 2019

First set of results can be found HERE

21st December 2018

All the rest of the information can now be found HERE

13th December 2018

Here we go! The 1st info out about our distance galas: HERE


Link to the latest November Exec minutes can now be found here: Minutes


Here is a link to the latest Exec minutes and November agenda - Sept Mins

New J2 course available HERE

2019 County Champs Information can now be found HERE!

12/8/18 July Exec minutes can be found HERE

All archived results are available HERE

The latest May 15th 2018 Exec minutes are available HERE

8/1/18 County Championships.

All information about the current 2018 County Champs can be found HERE.

Good luck to all competing and thanks to all our volunteers for making it happen!

County Team 2017 @SwimEngland’s National County Champs.

Punches above its weight and maintains srong poistion in Div 1!

Thank you to all who swam and ensured we maintained a strong 11th place in Div 1.

This was a very good result for a young team (many in younger end of age group).

My thanks go to Stephen Wynne-Jones for Officiating, Chantal Clavaud (girls TM) and Marc Butcher (boys TM) and County Coach, Craig Oliver, who gave their time to support the team. I know they all enjoyed the event and commented on what a great bunch of youngsters we had.

Thanks to Louise McLean (City of Oxford Mum) for doing a press report for this event - watch out for the Oxford Mail this Saturday!

So pleased to see Peter Shaw (Chair) and Mandy Fuller (President) of ONB, make it pool side (the hot seats) on Sunday, to support us. Thank you!

Full set of results HERE

Points table

Father to Max Bolcato, Jean Baptiste, took quite a few photos of the event and shared those with parents. Here’s one of the team:


We urgently need an Awards Trustee for Counties 2018. We need willing folk to order and organise others to hand them out over the 6 days of Counties.

Please let ONB committee know if you can help!

All Trophies must be returned by November 14th Executive Meeting at the latest.


All you need to know about the 2018 County Champs HERE


FINA RULES UPDATE, Friday 6th October 2017 @ Aquavale, Aylesbury 6:30pm start

AND Saturday 30th September 2017 @ Leys Pool, Oxford starting at 10:30am.

It is a requirement for any official wishing to re-license to have attended a FINA Rules Update presentation during the 4 year term of their license.

Please contact Sandra Wrenn if interested.


Important - change in Personnel at AGM meeting last night:

At the AGM last night held at Bicester Leisure Centre there were several significant changes and there also remain important vacancies to be filled.

Peter Shaw has become the first Chairman of Oxfordshire & North Bucks ASA , relinquishing the role of Secretary after 16 years in that position. Christine Rennie (carennie33@gmail.com ) is the new Secretary to whom all enquiries and reports prior to Executive Meetings should be sent in future. Ian Powell remains as Treasurer and the three named are the Executive Officers of ONBASA. Ian completed his 9 year stint as Swimming Championships Secretary and is replaced by Oliver Stockland.

Mandy Fuller was installed as our President for 2017/18 and Sandra Wrenn as President-Elect. The role of President is now a ceremonial role only rather than that and an Executive one as it had been previously and that is reflected in our new Constitution which was adopted earlier this year and took effect from last night. A copy will be put on the web site in due course.

There are 3 vacancies that I wish to highlight:

Fixtures Secretary:-  Contact to discuss with………….jo@jomurphy.org

Awards Trustee:-                                               …………..waynespatrick@gmail.com

Masters Secretary:-                                           ……………shawpd@aol.com

Jo and Wayne are the incumbents of the first 2 roles and will give full guidance to anyone interested. Jo has already organised what she can so far for the Inter Counties in October and Development days in Sept/Oct and it would be very useful for her successor to shadow her through the next few months leading to and at those events. With regards to the Awards role, if you want your swimmers to receive medals at the 2018 County Champs then someone has to take over this role.

The Masters Secretary role requires a Masters swimmer who is prepared to communicate with the Masters swimmers in all the Clubs , keep the ONB Executive informed bi-monthly of any news or developments by report , not necessarily in person, and be involved in the selection of the team representing ONB at the Masters Inter Counties in the Autumn. Please contact Peter to discuss if interested.        “


Some excellent reading material for you!

You can find the latest minutes of the May Exec meeting and the agenda for the next one on July 11th 2017 HERE.  This date is also ONB’s AGM.

There is a form available for anyone wishing to nominate a suitable candidate for that of President- elect.


The QUALIFYING TIMES for 2018 County Champs can be found HERE


Minutes of

SGM  & Exec Meeting Minutes

& Agenda for May 16th 2017

& County Champ 2017 De-brief can all now be found HERE.


Urgent request for Volunteers to support the COBIS Primary Games being held on Tuesday 11th April 2017 @ Stantonbury, Milton Keynes:

We desperately need:

Marshalls, both poolside and w/u. I was hoping some of your older swimmers preferably between 15 and under 18 could help?

The w/u marshalls would only be required from 10:00am to 11:00am but poolside marshalling would be required from 11:00am to 12:30pm, lunch which is provided and 1:30pm to 3:00pm.

Announcer, 10:00am to 3:00pm with a break at 12:30pm for lunch which is provided.

Recorder, to enter the results using Hytek. 10:15am to 3:00pm with a break for lunch approx. 12:30pm. We are hoping to run the meet as though it were a level 4 but be advised this meet is manual.

Officials, apologies you have already responded but many hands make light work! If you can help you need to be at least qualified timekeeper.

Please contact Sandra Wrenn if you help in anyway!


The County Champs 2017, de-Brief meeting, will be held at Bicester Leisure Centre Creche at 7pm on Tuesday 4th April. Give your feedback to your club rep to have your suggestions heard.


Minutes of January 24th Exec Meeting and agenda for March 14th 2017 meeting AND the agenda for the SGM (Special General meeting) are HERE

28/2/17   Officials!!

Would you be prepared to support this prestigious Schools Competition???

The Council of British International Schools Games (COBIS Games) are being held at Stantonbury , Milton Keynes on 11th/12th/13th April.

The swimming will be held on Tuesday 11th April, and the event comprises of 50m on each of the 4 strokes, freestyle and medley relays.

The pool is booked for 6 hours including lunch which is provided.

It is anticipated there will be 18 teams of 7 boys and 7 girls.

Mileage expenses at the normal ASA rate.

This is the first year this has been held in the UK since its inception in 2012, and even more exciting that it is coming to Milton Keynes which of course is in ONB.

Please contact our Officials Coordinator, Sandra, if you are interested here: http://www.onbcountiesasa.co.uk/contact.html

All the results from the 2017 Championships are now listed on the Current Championship page - Here

Meet Best times Here

Junior & Open Champions Here

Hytek files Here


And here are all the final results - congratulations all! :)

Results from 11/12th Feb 2017

Gala 13

Gala 14

Gala 15

Gala 16

Gala 17

Gala 18




Results from 4/5th Feb 2017

Gala 7

Gala 8

Gala 9

Gala 10

Gala 11

Gala 12


Success - Aqua Vale is back up and running!  Part 3

I have just been informed by the Aqua Vale Management that the repair has been successful and fully tested with the movable floor being at 2m.  So, with that news I am pleased to announce that the County Championships are back on with the scheduled warm up start time on the 4th Feb at 8:00am.

Also, please note, that access to Aqua Vale for the Main Championships is as follows:

Swimmers & Coaches will gain access to the changing village via the turn styles where the public normally can access at 7:30am.  Access on to the pool deck will be at approx. 7:45am subject to life guard coverage.

Spectators will gain access through the normal route once the spin class has been finished and all spin bikes have been moved to one end.  When the front desk has been set up spectators will be allowed in, this is anticipated to be around 8am. Please can I ask that spectators do not use the swimmers access point.

I have also been advised by the centre management that swimmers doing stretching are not allowed to use the shower area or the First aid corridor.  Coaches can I ask that you ensure that all your swimmers are aware of this.  I appreciate that this is not an ideal situation, I hope to see the Ops Manager to discuss possible solutions.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the competitors every success in the remaining championships.  I and I am sure many others will look forward to watching an enjoyable conclusion to the 2017 championships.

Kind regards

Ian Powell

Swimming Secretary

Oxon & North Bucks County ASA



We have been working hard to find a workable solution regarding the remaining championships, exploring different venues, reduced swimming programs or even reschedule to different dates.  Initial enquiries have shown that several clubs have committed to meets straight after the counties so selecting another date becomes even harder.

I am committed at trying to provide a solution to ensure that the simmers get to swim their races, but I have to look at the wider implications of managing the meet.  Sadly it has become apparent that our alternative venue cannot safely hold the swimmers and spectators even with a reduced program.  It is also un-realistic to ask parents not to attend, especially those parents of younger competitors by having a reduced/no spectator policy.  We have thought about spectator rotation, but I cannot implement a workable solution within the short time scale we have and especially as the Centre has made it clear that they will not allow parents to hang around in the foyer in a hope to see some swimming.  There is also no other areas that we can hire to distribute spectators.  

It is all too clear that our only viable option is to hold out and hope that the repair to Aqua Vale is successful and in time to run as normal on the 4th / 5th  February.  At present contractors from the Netherlands are on site at Aqua Vale, they cannot guarantee 100% that they will fix it but early signs are encouraging and the engineers are positive that the replacement seals should fix the problem.  The repair might not be completed until late afternoon tomorrow; it’s going to be tight but please regularly check the County website for updates on the championship status.  I will post to the website, club secretaries and coaches as soon as I know.

Kind Regards

Ian Powell

Swimming Secretary

Oxon & North Bucks County ASA



Dear All

As some of you may be aware Aqua Vale is experiencing problems with their movable floor.  Sadly, previous attempts to repair the floor failed last week. As time is pressing on now towards the weekend I thought it was time to update you as I am in constant contact with the centre management regarding the repair.  A specialist team from the manufactures based in Netherlands are arriving AM on Wednesday the 1st February with parts to hopefully repair the floors hydraulic system, it is anticipated that this should be completed by Wednesday night/Thursday.

I am very conscious that we need to keep you informed as best as possible regarding the gala’s scheduled to run on the 4th and 5th of February.  We have looked at alternative pools but these are not proving favourable in accommodating the numbers of competitors & spectators expected or the start time they are offering us. We are exploring all avenues but rapidly running out of options quickly.  Our only remaining option could be to run a reduced program with all events HDW (i.e. no finals sessions) and NO spectators allowed.  This would allow us get all the competitors, coaches & Team Managers, officials and volunteer helpers in to the pool area without exceeding the centres maximum allowable numbers. Not ideal but an option we have to consider to ensure swimmers get to swim their races.

With the above in mind there is a chance that the galas scheduled for the 4th & 5th of February could be cancelled/re-located if the latest repairs fail, so can I ask that you ensure that all club members likely to be attending this weekend are made aware to check the county website as we will be using this to communicate with you if the galas have to be cancelled/re-located, we will also use Facebook & twitter.  Please assume that they are running at Aqua Vale unless informed otherwise on the county website.


I will advise you as soon as I know on the status of the galas but this information may not be available until Thursday night so please bear with us.

Kind regards

Ian Powell

Swimming Secretary

Oxon & North Buck County ASA


Session times for the 2 main weekends!

Saturday 4th February – Aqua Vale, Aylesbury

Park Street, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 1DX

Gala 7                    Warm-up 8.00 am            Start 9.10 am                     Est Finish 10:45 am

Gala 8                    Warm-up 11.30 am         Start 12.40 pm                  Est Finish 2.50 pm

Gala 9                    Warm-up 3:20 pm           Start 4.30 pm                     Est Finish 6.20 pm

Sunday 5th February – Aqua Vale, Aylesbury

Park Street, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 1DX

Gala 10                 Warm-up 8.00 am            Start 9.10 am                     Est Finish 11.05 am

Gala 11                 Warm-up 11.30 am         Start 12.40 pm                  Est Finish 2.55 pm

Gala 12                 Warm-up 3:20 pm           Start 4.30 pm                     Est Finish 6.20 pm

Saturday 11th February – Aqua Vale, Aylesbury

Park Street, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 1DX

Gala 13                 Warm-up 8.00 am            Start 9.10 am                     Est Finish 10.35 am

Gala 14                 Warm-up 11.30 am         Start 12.40 pm                  Est Finish 2.50 pm

Gala 15                 Warm-up 3:20 pm           Start 4.30 pm                     Est Finish 6.20 pm

Sunday 12th February – Aqua Vale, Aylesbury

Park Street, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 1DX

Gala 16                 Warm-up 8.00 am            Start 9.10 am                     Est Finish 11.00 am

Gala 17                 Warm-up 11.30 am         Start 12.40 pm                  Est Finish 2.50 pm

Gala 18                 Warm-up 3:20 pm           Start 4.30 pm                     Est Finish 6.20 pm


And here are the results for the 400s and girls relays:

Gala 4

Gala 5

Gala 6


And here we have the results from the 1st long distance weekend and boys age group relays!

Gala 1

Gala 2

Gala 3

Here are the exceptions (scratched events) listed by club:  HERE

8/1/17  Accepted entries and further details for the Main weekends, 4/5th and 11/12th Feb 2017, can now be found HERE

20/12/16 Minutes of the the November 22nd ONB Exec meeting and Agenda for January meeting can be found HERE

17/12/16 Accepted entries and details of the Distance event can now be found HERE

31/10/16  All you need to know about County Champs 2017!   HERE

18/10/16  October 30th courses @ Bicester now cancelled - sorry!


Goodluck to the following swimmers competing at the Inter-Counties National Championship in Sheffield next week. The team are training at the Loughborough pool on the Saturday afternoon, staying overnight and competing Sunday afternoon. ONB is currently 7th in Division 1.

More information can be found: http://www.swimming.org/asa/calendar/asa-national-county-team-championships-2016

Kieran Bird   (BIC/MILL)

Libby Blissett     (AYLES )

Maximillian Bolcato (OXF)

Jennifer Burrell     (OXF )

Amy Coombs     (OXF)

Jana Cooper Marcos    (AVSC)

Yasmin Dos Santos     (CMK)

Miles Drabwell    (CMK)

Lucy Farmer    (CMK)

Jamie Hanss   (CMK)

Rebekah Heath   (CMK )

Eliott Jones   (CMK )

Kaelah Lawson    (CMK)

Aiyana Lawson    (CMK)

Harry Maishman    (MAX)

Marcus McAuliffe   (CMK)

Mimi Morley Iszatt    (OXF)

Max Murphy  (CMK)

Joshua Press    (CMK)

Geo Ratouly    (WWH )

Grace Spong   (CMK)

Tom Thornley    (BIC/MILL)

Millie Tomlin Davies  (MAX)

William Whitley  (BIC)

Emily Wood   (OXF)

Lottie Wynne-Jones  (CMK)


Urgent email request for Officials for the Inter Counties Masters Meet at Leys Pool, Oxford on Sunday 20th November 2016 between 12 - 4pm

Details : all events are 50s and 100s only

Contact : sandrawrenn@hotmail.com


Minutes of September 27th ONB Exec meeting are HERE as well as the agenda for November 22nd 2016

All you need to know about our County Champ 2017:

Go to CURRENT county Champs: HERE


Check out the new updated courses available for Officials!



Important swimming report from Ian Powell, ONB’s Swimming secretary, regarding the changes to ONB County Champs ie the open age group change:

Click  HERE


New Secretaries needed - 1.ONB Secretary and 2. Swimming Champs !! Urgent!!

After many years of unstinting service in the posts, it is the intention of both Ian Powell, Swimming Champs secretary and Peter Shaw, ONB Secretary, not to seek re-election at the 2017 AGM.

ONB are looking for replacements, ideally NOW with the intention of shadowing these 2 roles over the coming months, particularly at the County Champs themselves in 2017.

Please let ONB know if you are interested in taking on either of these roles. We won’t have a Championship in 2018 if no one comes forward!

NEXT ONB meeting Sept 27th 2016:

lease find HERE the minutes of the ONB Exec Meeting and AGM of July 12th 2016 and the agenda for the Sept 27th meeting.

Urgent notice:- there is a change of age groups for County Champs 2017 -

The oldest individual age group allowed will now be 15 years. The Open age group will be 16 & Over.

The ASA have decided to impose a change in the individual age groups that can swim at County Championships. This change was included in the new Competition Structure published in October 2014 but not imposed by the Regional Licensing Boards for 2015 and 2016 Events.

Clubs were informed of this change Sept 6th 2016.


Disability Awareness Course   - on your doorstep!

Book your place on it HERE

New County Records - all updated as of 12th July 2016

Click HERE


Just what you have all been waiting for:

ONB County Champs 2017 qualifying times are here:




Please find HERE minutes of the  ONB Exec Meeting of May 17th 2016.

Also you can find Agenda for the July 12th meeting as well as the AGM agenda (which is immediately before the Exec meeting) - all under Exec section HERE

If anyone is interested in being President-elect for ONB, 2016/17 find the nomination form HERE with further advise on how to put names forward.


Please find HERE  the Minutes for the 2016 County Championships De-brief held at Bicester Leisure Centre on Tuesday 5th April 2016.

These minutes will be discussed and verified at the next County Executive Meeting on Tuesday 17th May at BLC at 7pm.


Minutes of the Exec meeting of March 15th and agenda for May 17th now available on the Exec section of this site HERE


Thank you to those who supported this year's chosen Charity by raising a massive £760.97 at the ONB16 event. This goes to the Children’s Brain Tumour Foundation.

How amazing!


Congratulations to the following for becoming fully fledged referees!!

Lizzy Rowland

Oliver Stockland

Christine Rennie

Gill Cadle

Michelle Harrop

Andre Marshall

A lot of hard work and dedication!! Well done from ONB.


Just anounced, a couple of new courses for officials:

Friday 15th April 2016, J1 part 2, venue: Aquavale 7pm to 9pm

Friday 20th May 2016, J1 part 3,venue: Aquavale 7pm to 9:30pm


To all Club representatives/Coaches - Counties’ De-Brief Meeting is at The Creche at Bicester Leisure Centre at 7pm on Tuesday 5th April, 2016.


Collated results including Meet Best Times and County Champions can be found HERE


Results of this last weekend (Feb 13/14) are now added and can be found HERE


Results of this last weekend (Feb 6/7th) can be found HERE in our Current Counties section. Makes for good reading!


Excited for the next 2 weekends??

Find links to Schedule and sessions times to remind you of what’s happening, when HERE


Here is an explanation of the rejections for this year’s Entries:

As with every year the considered/Accepted times are based on ASA graded tables and for 2016 the B Grade tables were used and the follow % applied as shown below and these % are normally announced in May.

The final accepted cut is applied equally to all the age groups, i.e. the same % is applied to both genders and across all age groups & strokes, the exception to this is the high entry events and for this year it was only the 50m Free where a slightly harder cut was used.  This is the fairest way as it is based on National historic swimming standards data for all strokes, rather than on numbers of swimmers per age group & stroke.  I appreciated that this leads to disappointment as well as potential empty lanes in finals but as I said the standard of entries is kept consistent.

Ian Powell


2016 County Rejections listed by club HERE

Exec Meeting January 19th 2016

Minutes of 19/1/16 meeting and agenda for next meeting March 15th 2016 can both be found  HERE

For those who enjoy watching for our record breakers here’s the updated County Records as of 19/1/16


17/1/16 2nd County weekend results:

Results from

Gala 4

Gala 5

Gala 6

Feb 6/7th, 13/14th  County Champs Main Weekends 2016

Accepted Entries HERE

Schedule HERE

Session times HERE

11/1/16  1st County weekend off to a flying start!

Results from

Gala 1

Gala 2

Gala 3


County Champs Long Distances

10/17th January 2016 - Accepted Entries HERE

Session times 10/17th Jan 2016 HERE

Latest Minutes November 24th Exec Meeting:


Agenda January 19th 2016 - click HERE


URGENT: Officials course 11th December 2015 (J1 part 3) in Stantonbury  has been cancelled and is rescheduled for 15th January 2016, location to be confirmed.


CONGRATULATIONS to 7 ONB swimmers selected to compete in the Challenge International, Geneva, Switzerland, January 21st-25th 2016:

Isobel Jones, Thomas Flaherty, Max Murphy - (CMK)

Kieran Bird, Thomas Thornley - (BIC)

David Murphy, Fabian Whitbread - (OXF)

make up the 20 strong team:

CLICK HERE for more information.


Reminder! Counties deadline December 14th. Amended forms are now uploaded.

Clubs - get your entries in on time!

All you need to know about Counties 2016 is HERE

19/11/15  Course Location changes:

There are location changes for the 2 x J1 (part 3) courses:

27/11/15 is now at the Stadium, Stoke Mandeville. (7pm)

11/12/15 is now in Stantonbury, Milton Keynes. (7pm)


Inter Counties Oct 18th 2015 Success

Congratulations to the ONB County Team for coming a magnificent 7th in Div 1. This represents a 6 place climb from last year’s 12th.

Team Captains for this new season are Shannon Motha and David Murphy.


Good luck to the staff and team representing ONB in Sheffield at the Inter County Champs on Sunday 18th October. Follow their results live as it happens HERE


Just announced - Timekeeper/J1 course, (PART 1) on the 17th November, 7pm at Aquavale. Contact your club co-ordinator to apply. More courses listed under the ‘officials’ section.

11th October 2015

Many congratulations to the following new Timekeepers in the County:

Amanda Vugrinec, David Oxley, Deryn Creasy, Ellis Banning, Emma Camp, Helen White, Helena Stewart, Ian George, Jo George, Jo Riley, Louisa Swann, Mel Henderson, Miranda Moslin, Sarah Belcher.

All Judge courses and dates can be located under: HERE

Minutes from the Executive meeting of Sept 29th 2015 now available.

County Committee Meeting
The Next Committee meeting will be held on 24th November at 7pm. Please note, the new location will be The Creche,Bicester Leisure Centre, Queens Avenue, Bicester, OX26 2NR

Agenda is HERE.

Congratulations to the New Officials
Many Congratulations to the following new officials in the County:
Timekeeper - Libby Selby, J1 - Jo Murphy and Angie Austen, J2-Deb Smit, Starter - Sandra Wrenn

All Judge courses and dates can be located under Officials > Swimming Judges > Officials Courses

2016 County Files
The full entry pack for the 2016 Counties are now available under Swimming > County Championships > Current Championships

Congratulation to the Swimmers Selected for ONB Inter Counties
Congratulations to the following 29 ONB swimmers who will be competing at the Inter Counties National Champs, Oct 18th 2015. Edward Beamont-Dickety(WWH), Ashley Frost(NPG), Billy Wotton(OXF), Max Bolcato(AVSC), Oliver Hassall(MAX) Thomas Selby(AYLES), Max Murphy(CMK), Callum Smart(OXF), Ewan Springett(OXF), Ben Prosser(WIT), Harry Maishman(MAX), Thomas Thornley(BIC), David Murphy(OXF), Oliver Lines(CMK), Emily Ford(OXF), Tash Fenton(OXF), Lottie Wynne-Jones(BIC), Tabitha Watkins (BIC),Delphine Little(OXF), Lucy Farmer(CMK), Annie Sharp(OXF), Maia Little(OXF), Yasmin Tajalli(AVSC), Eleanor McNally(OXF), Shannon Motha(OXF), Emily Wood(OXF) Emily Nisbet(OXF), Erin Saunders(NPG), Ellie Millington(OXF).

County Records Updated
The County Records have now been updated and can be located under Swimming > Records and Swimming > Master Records